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Bella Women's Care located in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona, is a full-service Obstetrics and Gynecology medical practice serving at 650 W Maryland Ave Suite 1, Phoenix 85013, and 2204 S Dobson Rd. Suite 202 Mesa, Arizona 85202, led by,

Mani Tehranchi, MD, FACOG

Jeffrey Blake Higley, MD

Monica Montufar, CNM

Marianna Holland, DNP, CNM

Bethany Mainville,  SNM, FNP

Lauren Yanklowitz, NP

Ronda Slickman, DNP, FNP, CNM

Their collective expertise covers all areas of obstetrical and gynecological health for women of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

The practice also offers Health Education, on-site Surgical Procedures, and in-office Lab Services. Additionally, the providers at Bella Women’s Care have regular rotations at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Banner University (Good Samaritan) Medical Center, Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, and Banner Ocotillo Medical Center in Chandler.

The caring providers, midwives, and nurse practitioners at Bella have dedicated their entire careers to the well-being of their patients and know that each deserves individualized care. If desired by patients, the midwife services can also provide another option for those who desire a holistic approach while knowing the expertise of a doctor is involved.

Whether you are a young woman seeing a gynecologist for the first time, an expectant mother navigating your way through pregnancy or you require gynecological surgery including the daVinci method of minimally invasive robotic surgery, Bella Women’s Care is ready to care for you and your loved ones. Learn more about the available services and the benefits of Bella Women’s Care by calling to schedule an appointment today!


Why a Midwife for my Women's Healthcare?

A widespread misconception about Midwives is that they are only present during pregnancy and childbirth. However, a Midwife is highly trained to provide many health care services beyond maternity care to women of adolescence through out their adulthood. This includes prenatal care, labor and birth, postpartum care, lactation support, basic newborn care, annual exams, pap smears, birth control (including IUDs and implants), breast exams, basic primary care, and preventative health care. They also diagnose and treat vaginal infections, sexually transmitted infections, infertility, irregular periods, and pelvic pain. In our society, many health care services are offered as one-size-fits-all. Choosing a midwife offers you a chance for expert, personalized healthcare based on compassion, extensive education and unconditional support. Learn more about Bella's highly trained Midwives by visiting the Provider section or calling us today!

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Sexual Partners

Being honest with your sexual partner(s) is key, and vice versa. You should feel 100% safe, comfortable and confident before an experience with someone new. Here are some of the questions you should always be asking. Don't feel awkward, feel empowered!

COVID-19 Vaccine During Pregnancy?

The society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine and other pregnancy experts recommend a COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant and lactating mothers. Here are some of your biggest questions, answered!

Established Patients - Telehealth services are available! Opt for a virtual visit with your Bella Women's Care provider for your next appointment. Any existing patient can schedule a Facetime or Zoom call for general consultations, medication refills and more. Although we take very serious precautions to maintain a healthy, COVID free facility, there has never been a better time to skip the trip to the office and keep yourself safe. Simply call our office or schedule using our online booking tool to set up your virtual visit today. *New patients, please plan to visit the office in-person for your first appointment so we can appropriately establish your care.* See you soon!

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We are committed to providing high-quality healthcare to women regardless of insurance status and inability to pay. For patients who are uninsured or underinsured, we offer a sliding fee scale based on your income and family according to federal guidelines.