21 Reasons To See a Gynecologist Before Age 21


1. Understand what a healthy body weight is for you and how to achieve wellness early on.

2. Start good habits for healthy bones and joints. (It's NEVER too early for this)

3. Learn about UTI's, vaginal infections and signs/symptoms to look out for.

4. Get early treatment for vaginal discharge, itching, odor and general discomfort.


5. Learn about ovulation, and if your periods are normal.

6. Get relief if your periods are painful

7. Find out the reasons behind why your periods might be heavy

8. Find out why your periods might be too close or too far apart

9. Learn simple yet effective ways to deal with premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Sexuality & Relationships:

10. Understand what safe and healthy relationships look like with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

11. Learn the signs of when a relationship is threating or harmful.

12. A safe place to talk about your sexuality or sexual orientation.

13. Knowing the importance of thinking things through before engaging in sex

14. Learn about safe sex practices


15. Learn about different forms of birth control and which would best fit your lifestyle.

16. A safe place to be tested for pregnancy for free, anytime.

17. Plan ahead for a safe and healthy pregnancy

18. Be provided unconditional support and guidance when experiening an unplanned pregnancy

Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

19. Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections by arming yourself with the facts and taking steps to lower your risk.

20. Receive discreet STD testing anytime and have a personalized treatment plan.

21. Learn about the importance of testing for HPV and how to prevent cervical cancer.


*Women under the age of 18 require a parent or legal guardian to be present during their appointment*

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