30 Spring Inspired Names for Baby

Saturday, March 20th marks the 1st day of Spring! Are you due to have your little bundle of joy soon? Or do you simply love the season of sunshine and renewal? Here are some of our favorite Spring inspired names for your bouncing baby girl or boy!
1. Pascal - French, meaning Easter
2. Kelby - Gaelic, meaning spring fountain
3. Navin - Hindi, meaning new
4. Persephone - Greek, meaning Goddess of Spring
5. Denver - French, meaning green valley
6. Azalea - Greek, after the flower
7. Verna - Latin, meaning Spring
8. Caldwell - English, meaning cold spring
9. Bradwell - English, meaning broad spring
10. Poppy - English, after the flower
11. Weldon - Old English, meaning spring stream
12. Aurora - Latin, meaning new dawn
13. Maxwell - Old english, meaning spring pool
14. Brooke - Irish, meaning tiny spring
15. Lily - English, after the flower, meaning pure
16. Kimana - Native American, meaning butterfly
17. Florence - Latin, meaning blooming
18. Mae - French meaning Goddess of spring growth
19. Avi - Hebrew, meaning spring, young
20. Cerelia - Latin, meaning spring
21. Daisy - Old English, after the flower
22. Eden - Biblical, meaning delight
23. Fleur - French, meaning flower
24. Heath - English, meaning grass, land
25. Laverna - French, meaning born in the spring
26. Neo - Greek, meaning New gift
27. Owen - Welsh, meaning youth
28. Willow - Middle English, meaning grace, femininity
29. Forest - English, meaning growth, lush
30. Nevena - Slavic, meaning marigold

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