Braxton Hicks vs. Contractions: What's the Difference?

Braxton Hicks vs. Contractions: What's the difference?
When you're nearing the end of your pregnancy, it can be difficult to tell if you are having real contractions, or 'fake' contractions, otherwise known as Braxton Hicks. Braxton Hicks can be uncomfortable just like real contractions, so it's always best to call your provider and ask for clarification, but why not arm yourself with knowledge on what they are and why we experience them! (So cool...)
Braxton Hicks are practice contractions that allow your body to naturally prepare for labor. Consider it a warm-up exercise for the big day. Their job is to get your uterine muscle ready and prepare the cervix to deliver your baby as easily as possible.
Braxton Hick's contractions are wildly irregular and not all women experience them. Real contractions are experienced consistently with increasing intensity. This is not only the biggest difference between the two, but the biggest giveaway in determining if it's the start of real labor or just BH. Some women have reported them as early as their second trimester, but most experience them in their third. Every pregnancy is unique and requires unique care. Call Bella Women's Care or your Obstetrics Provider for guidance if you believe you're experiencing contractions - Real or Braxton Hicks!
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