Father's Day Weekend: Celebrating the Expecting Dad, and Dads Coping with Pregnancy Loss

A first time pregnancy is such an exciting time for both the new mom and new dad-to-be. If your pregnancy happens to overlap with Father’s Day, it becomes a question of whether the expectant parents should join in the celebrations. We say, absolutely! The first Father’s Day doesn’t have to start after the baby is born. You may not have held the baby in your arms just yet but you are already parents in training. Here are a few ideas on celebrating Father’s Day while pregnant and how to make it special for your significant other.


Write a heartfelt Father-To-Be Card

A special handwritten card can be an amazing visual reminder of the joy that is soon to come. Tell him what you appreciate about him and what you look forward to sharing together when baby is born. Making your significant other feel like a father early on with a special card will give him something he can look back on for years to come when thinking of his first born child. 


Get an Ultrasound as a Couple

They say that a woman becomes a mother when she finds out she is pregnant but some men do not feel like a father until after their baby arrives. Bringing your partner along to an ultrasound will give them a chance to see their child and help create a connection to baby early on. It is also a fantastic bonding early for both of you as soon to be parents. 


Go out for a Special Brunch or Date

Go out for a delicious morning meal or dinner date to celebrate your partner and your little one. Choose his favorite restaurant and discuss what you most look forward to when starting your brand new little family. 


Get Away for the Weekend

Use the holiday weekend to get away for a special trip. Next year, your weekends and Father’s Day may be a bit busier. Make this occasion your babymoon! Get away, enjoy each other, and talk about how your lives will be changing for the best, and the craziest.  You will both appreciate the extra relaxation and time away alone.


Remembering Father's Who Have Suffered Pregnancy Loss

While there's no right or wrong way to spend Father's Day after you and your partner have suffered a miscarriage, here are some ideas for taking care of eachother during this emotional time. Spending the day with your loved ones can help you feel less alone and provide a safe outlet for you to express any emotions that may come up. It can also be a very healthy distraction to focus on the dads in your life. If you don't feel comfortable talking to your friends and family right now, consider writing a letter or journaling to sort through and release the emotions you're feeling.


However you choose to celebrate your Father's Day weekend, stay safe, healthy, and enjoy the day in your favorite ways. 

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