I'm Pregnant and Don't Have Insurance - Now What?

First things first! Congratulations on your pregnancy!  You’re already off to a great start by recognizing how important quality, supportive prenatal care is...but it’s tough to stay excited about your journey ahead if you aren't sure how you’ll afford your pregnancy care and delivery. This does not have to be the case. At Bella Women's Care, we take every action possible to make sure your financials are a stress-free factor of your care. Here we will break down expected costs for out of pocket prenatal care, and how you can apply for AHCCCS and have your care covered 100% (in most cases). 


How can I apply for AHCCCS coverage?

There are two super simple ways to apply for Arizona State Medicaid.

Option 1:  You can apply online for AHCCCS Medical Assistance, directly using Health-e-Arizona Plus (HEAplus) online application process, or calling 1-855-432-7587. 

Option 2: We are more than happy to sit down with you and apply for AHCCCS on your behalf. A friendly member of our staff will walk you through all screening questions, upload your personal documents, and follow up with the status of your application/approval frequently. In most cases, the application process takes about 1 hour, and approval/denial is determined within 15-20 days (sometimes sooner!). We will also aid in any claim reimbursement if necessary.

You can schedule your application with one of our Patient Advocate's by calling our office, or speaking with the front desk on your next visit. Both English and Spanish Advocates are available! 

Documents needed to apply for AHCCCS:

-State Issued ID or Driver's License

-Proof of income (1 month) (employer's full information)

-Proof of address (piece of mail or bank statement)

-Birth certificate

-Social security card

-Names and DOB for all who live in your household

- Proof of any state assistance already being received (cash assistance, nutrition assistance, medical assistance)


What will my AHCCCS cover when/if I'm approved? 

Your health plan will work with Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies, specialists, etc. to provide medically necessary care. You will be chosen a health plan that covers your zip code area and is accepted by our office. AHCCCS is designed to cover your regular prenatal & postpartum visits, prenatal blood work, diagnostic ultrasounds, hospital and delivery charges. Services that are not covered: non-diagnostic 3D ultrasounds, non-authorized ultrasounds. Certain types of medications, past balances older than 3 months before AHCCCS coverage began.


What if I don't qualify for AHCCCS and am paying out of pocket?

Great news! We have some of the most sensible, flexible obstetrics care packages in the Phoenix area starting at $2200. We allow up to 28 weeks of pregnancy to pay off your package (nearing 7 months gestation). You are highly encouraged to make regular payments on each visit to stay on track leading up to your 28th week. Patients needing to extend their payment plan past 28 weeks of pregnancy will have the opportunity to discuss options with management to determine an appropriate timeline that fits your financial capabilities. Rest assured you will never be turned away regardless of your ability to afford care. 


Have additional questions regarding your prenatal/postnatal care? Never hesitate to call our office to speak with a staff member, or send an online message via our website. www.Bellawomenscare.com 


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