PERIOD PAIN...You don't have to suffer! 

PERIOD PAIN...You don't have to suffer! 
Feeling that dull pain in your lower belly is often the first sign that your period is starting. In those moments, most women can reach for a heating pad or ibuprofen to calm their cramps, but others suffer from severe, more intense cramps that can’t be relieved using the typical remedies that are often recommended first. Cramps like these have the potential to get in the way of your daily life, making your time of the month a total burden. But it does NOT have to be this way.
Typical period pains and menstrual cramps can be managed on your own, but women who experience severe, chronic menstrual cramps should consider a consultation with a gynecologist to discuss relief or potential treatment - especially those who have had to miss work or school due to period pain! There are many options for period management, and we can help you find the best one for you based on your health history and overall health goals.
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