So You Had a Positive Pregnancy Test...Now What?

Some of us dream for months (and sometimes years) for that positive reading. For others, it’s a complete surprise. Either way

Some of us dream for months (and sometimes years) for that positive reading. For others, it’s a complete surprise. Either way, you’re definitely not alone if you find yourself wondering, “I got a positive pregnancy test—now what?” Finding out you’re pregnant is a life-changing moment that comes with its fair share of emotions: excitement, joy, relief, panic and maybe an extra dose of confusion over what to do next. But before you start deciding between an epidural or a natural birth, pause for a second. You’ve got 40 weeks to find all the answers, so take it one trimester at a time.

First things first - Once you see that positive pregnancy test, it’s time to get it confirmed with a professional. Your first prenatal visit ideally should happen around your eighth week of pregnancy, so scheduling your appointment is one of the first steps to take after finding out you’re pregnant—and if you’re not being seen by a Bella provider, wait times can be long! The important thing is that you are with a trustworthy doctor or midwife who makes you feel comfortable. After your first visit, and if everything is progressing smoothly, you’ll see your Bella provider once a month until 28 weeks, then every two weeks up to 36 weeks, then weekly until delivery. At no point during your pregnancy will you ever be alone!

Secondly, but just as important – Stop using any substances that could potentially harm early fetal development. This includes tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs, and caffeine. When using drugs and alcohol during pregnancy, you put your baby at risk for mental disability, behavioral problems, and abnormal facial features, premature birth and even miscarriage. NOTE: Do NOT make any changes to your prescribed medications until instructed to do so by your Doctor.

Want to be even more prepared? Don’t be afraid to call your insurance and check your maternity benefits to be aware of what to expect financially during your pregnancy. No insurance? Bella offers the most affordable Prenatal Packages in the area.  Call our office to learn more! (602) 240-2401
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