The BEST Ways to Calm Newborn Cries

A crying baby is expressing their emotions in the only way they know how – by being heard! This post is going to focus on teaching you how to calm a crying baby and arm you with simple, basic knowledge that will help you and your journey as a new parent. Knowledge is power and something you carry with you forever!

Swaddling, Side or Stomach Position, Shushing -
It is extremely effective for the first 3 months of your baby’s life- The basic idea is to create womb-like conditions for your baby to help them feel safe, comfortable, and calm. Swaddle your baby to create that warm cocoon like-environment, light shushing, cooing, even clicking in their ear to quiet any

Face Time with Mom or Dad -
On days when you have a ton to accomplish and you are just trying to get the baby to stay happy in the swing or on the play mat or even in your arms, you might notice they seem to be more fussy. At this point, stop what you are doing and give that baby a good 15-30 minutes of face time. She needs to smile at you and see you smiling back She needs to look into your eyes and interact with you. Sing and coo at your newborn. Mimic her sounds. All if this is important for her emotional development and in helping her bond with and attach to you. As they get a little older and interactive, play patty cake and peek-a-boo. Talk to her, Make her giggle, this is very critical for her language and social development. A little face time goes a long way. Give your baby face time attention throughout the day and they will be less fussy.

Give Your Baby a Change of Scenery -
This approach works particularly well as your baby gets older and becomes more aware of her surroundings. Go outside if the weather permits. Sometimes just walking out into the sunshine will calm a crying baby by distracting them with a whole new world of things to look at and discover. There is also a magic thing called a mirror. Most babies can’t resist that cute little baby staring back at them.

Treat Pain Symptoms -
If none of these things are working, your baby may be experiencing actual pain. A stomach ache, earache, diaper rash, fever or sore throat. And then there is always the joy of teething. You might also do a quick check over your baby’s body to see if there is anything bothering her- like a hair wrapped tightly around her toe, a bug bite, a rash other than diaper rash, etc. Be sure to consult with your pediatrician if you sense a more urgent need with your baby.

Our goal is to help you no longer feel frazzled and at your wits end so you can really enjoy the sweetness of your newborn baby and find the most joy in being a parent . Now get to it! You got this. 


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