THIS Is What Every Breast Feeding Mother Should Know

Breastfeeding is a unique journey between you and your baby. It can be easy for some, and can require time and patience for others. Since it's such a good way to nourish and bond with your little one, it's well worth the effort. Here are some extra tips from Bella Women's Care to help guide you during your breast feeding experience.

Dieting should not be a priority right now: Don't feel guilty for taking an extra helping at dinnertime; you need an additional 500 calories per day to help produce breast milk. Eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables and foods that are high in calcium. Breast milk is rich in calcium, and if your diet is lacking in this important nutrient, your body will use your own calcium stores to compensate, which could leave you nutritionally deficient. Also, don’t beat yourself up over having an extra midday snack – or two. Your body is already designed to make healthy milk, so your baby gets first dibs on those good nutrients your system stores. Eating well is not so much about producing quality milk as it is the key to maintaining your own health and energy levels. If you struggle getting those extra vitamins in, fill in nutritional gaps by taking a prenatal vitamin which often has higher levels of calcium, vitamin D, and iron than a regular multi.

Yes its true – Your breasts may leak: Blame it on those hormones again. Anything that makes you think of your baby, like saying their name, talking about them, or even hearing another baby cry, causes your body to release oxytocin. This hormone helps you bond with your baby, but it can also turns on the sprinklers when you least expect it! In fact, some working moms that use breast pumps record their babies' ‘I'm-getting-hungry cries’ to help them pump more efficiently at the office. Women are amazing. The other cool thing? Your milk supply increases and decreases based on your baby's demand for nourishment, so frequent breastfeeding sessions help bolster a strong supply. This nifty feature of nursing also ensures that your baby will have enough to eat as her appetite increases.

Nursing induces sleep: You've probably heard that babies fall asleep while feeding, but did you know that sleep-deprived moms can actually nod off too? When the body releases that previously mentioned hormone oxytocin, it has a calming effect that allows nursing moms to relax. That's your body taking care of itself: Knowing the importance of sleep, the oxytocin effect is an example of how breastfeeding also protects the body.

Breast feeding may not be for you – and that's okay: The very best thing you can do to set yourself up for a successful breastfeeding experience is take a prenatal nursing class at your community center, hospital or OBGYN. But still, breastfeeding does not work for all mothers. For some women, the decision to breastfeed is an easy one. But, for others, there are health, financial, or emotional barriers that interfere with the ability to make that decision. Many moms who decide not to nurse experience backlash from friends and family, but try to tune them out. It's best for anyone confronted with breastfeeding obstacles to get support before giving up, but those moms who do end up using formula shouldn't feel guilty!

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