Vaginal Health Mistakes You Might Be Making

Are you wiping front to back? - Hopefully at some point in your life someone told you how important it is to wipe front to back when using the restroom! But if you missed the memo, it's not too late to learn this practice right now. Why is it so important though? Your vaginal and rectal area both have bacteria living in them which are important to the overall functioning of those areas- but separately. These types of bacteria's should not be intermixed between areas as it can cause urinary tract infections and other uncomfortable conditions.

Are you using scented soaps? - Even though vaginas are self-cleaning, it's totally fine to soap off your vulva and labia (the external parts of your vagina) when you're cleaning the rest of your body. However, make sure that you're using unscented soap! Soaps or cleansers that are heavily perfumed can disrupt your vaginas natural pH balance- and the same goes for scented vaginal wipes and vaginal deodorants.

Do you have a balanced diet? - The quality of your diet has a direct correlation to the quality of your vaginal health. Staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet of nutritious foods can be all the difference when it comes to maintaining a health and happy vagina. Additionally, there are certain foods you can consume to help specific vaginal problems. For instance, unsweetened cranberry juice, yogurt, raw garlic, and apple cider vinegar are great to combat or even prevent a yeast infection, and soy may help with vaginal dryness.

Do you have an OBGYN you can trust? - Every woman should see a gynecologist at least once a year to maintain and promote good health and take a proactive role in their overall wellness. It can also be very comforting knowing you have a trusted provider you can go to when any unexpected health issues arise.

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