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A supportive and knowledgeable midwife is an integral part of the birthing process for many women today, and Bella Women's Care understands exactly what you need at every step of your pregnancy and delivery. Our highly trained midwives are not only here for you, but WITH you, and are ready to guide you through the prenatal and birthing process. Experienced Midwives are available at both Bella locations. Book your appointment online or by phone today.


What is a midwife?

A midwife is a health care provider with specialized training in holistic pregnancy, labor, birth, and postnatal care. Your midwife at Bella Midwives acts as your primary care provider during your pregnancy and delivery. Throughout your pregnancy, your midwife works closely with you to ensure emotional and physical wellness for both you and your baby.

The trained midwives at Bella Midwives perform all the standard prenatal assessments and tests to make sure that you and your baby enjoy good health. One of the major advantages of seeing a midwife at Bella Midwives is that you get the all-natural approach, but you also have the security of a medical doctor's involvement when it's needed.

How often will I see my midwife for prenatal care?

Generally, you'll see your midwife on the same schedule that you would see an OB/GYN.

  • Once a month until 28 weeks
  • Every two weeks from 28-36 weeks
  • Once a week from 36 weeks until delivery

If your pregnancy is high-risk or you have complications during your pregnancy, you may need to see your midwife more frequently.

Can I still get pain relief during labor with a midwife?

Although many women who choose to work with a midwife do so with the goal of a medication-free birth, the Bella MIdwives team understands that plans sometimes change. Your midwife puts the birthing decisions in your hands, and is there to support you. If you need pain relief during labor, your midwife can ensure you get the proper medication to alleviate your discomfort.

If you're expecting and want to take a holistic approach, having a highly trained midwife as your primary caregiver might be the ideal solution. The experienced and welcoming midwives at Bella Midwives are here to provide the birth experience you’re seeking. Use the online scheduling tool or call the office to book your consultation with a trained midwife today.

* Massage therapy and chiropractic care will soon be available at the East Monterey Way location.