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Nothing is more exciting for expectant parents than getting the first glimpse of their baby through ultrasound. This safe imaging procedure is also frequently used to diagnose gynecologic problems. When you need an ultrasound, you can count on the specialists at Bella Women’s Care to produce high-quality images. If you have questions or you’d like to schedule an appointment, book online or call one of the offices in Phoenix or Mesa, Arizona.


What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound, or sonography, uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the structures inside your body. Your Bella Women's Care provider uses a device called a transducer to send sound waves into your body.

The waves echo off organs and tissues, such as blood vessels, return to the transducer, and then the transducer sends the information to a computer. The computer transforms the echoes into detailed images your provider uses to evaluate and diagnose.

How is ultrasound performed?

Your Bella Women's Care provider performs several types of ultrasound, depending on the reason for the procedure:

Transabdominal ultrasound

After placing ultrasound gel on your abdomen, the transducer is placed against your skin and moved around your tummy. Transabdominal ultrasound is most often used during pregnancy to evaluate the baby’s development.

Transvaginal ultrasound

Your practitioner performs a transvaginal ultrasound by inserting a narrow transducer into your vagina and directing sound waves up toward your pelvic organs. This type of ultrasound produces a clearer image because the soundwaves don’t have to travel through your skin.

How is ultrasound used for gynecologic evaluations?

The providers at Bella Women’s Care often use ultrasound to diagnose the underlying cause of symptoms like pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding. A variety of gynecologic problems may be diagnosed with ultrasound, including:

  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Gynecologic cancers

Although a transvaginal ultrasound is often the method used, the specialists at Bella Women’s Care are experts in other types of ultrasound. For example, during a saline-infusion ultrasound, your practitioner injects saline into your uterus to get a clear image of problems inside the uterine cavity.

How is ultrasound used for obstetric evaluations?

Although your Bella Women's Care provider may choose to perform an ultrasound any time during your pregnancy, routine obstetric ultrasounds are typically done in the second trimester.

By the second trimester, your baby is large enough for evaluation of their development with a transabdominal ultrasound. This ultrasound often reveals your baby’s gender, depending on the position they’re in at the time of the procedure.

If you need an ultrasound, book an appointment with Bella Women’s Care by using the online scheduler or calling one of the offices.